06 August 2012

i'm back.


i'm back. InsyaAllah for good. :)

mak saya cakap saya dah gemuk, dah tak kurus lagi sebab saya dah tua.
yes, i have to admit that.

 i'm 'double 2' now.

i now it was never to0 late to make a  best decision for myself. but yet, its was too late for me sebab dah banyak masa aku sia siakan. and i regret it. i know i shoudn't.

my past is the reason who am i now and insyaallah future.

disebabkan saya dah tua and here it is.

my wedding card.HAHA.

cun cugak kan?

and this is my kid in shocking pink like me.

kah3.*ouh, i miss my old white speck*

and here is my honeymoon.

kih3. kelantan with besties on firts ramadhan. first time drive jauh dr kuantan. and yeah, dah dapat lesen competent. no more P. yet, beratus jugak abes duet kena bayar saman.^^

ok. assalamualaikum.

just posting some old pictures here.

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